Great Summer Wine Merch

We have a wide selection of cool gadgets to enhance your summer wine enjoyment (they make great gifts for your favorite wine lover, as well). Check these out:

Corkcicle Canteen, $29.99
This triple insulated canteen holds a 750 ml bottle of wine and it will keep your drinks ice cold for up to 25 hours while you’re out in the hot sun. The beach, the boat, the pool deck, hiking, camping you name it, it’s great for any place you want a cold beverage, but glass bottles are not allowed.

Rabbit Wine Trek, $29.99
This lightweight insulated case keeps a standard-size wine bottle cool when outside temperatures are over 70 degrees.The insulating inner sleeve is ready to use after just 30 minutes in the freezer. Keeps wine and Champagne cool for hours while outdoors. Perfect for picnics, nature hikes, barbecues and more. A convenient carrying loop keeps the wine cooler attached to a backpack or other harness.

True Picnic Stix, $14.99
Life’s a picnic, and you’ll definitely want wine. Ditch the plastic cups and keep things classy with our ingenious Picnic Stix. The stainless steel spikes stick easily into the ground and hold two glasses and a bottle at drinking level. Cheers to spill-free dining!

True Stakeout Wine Table, $39.99
Wine-friendly stakeout picnic table to class up backyard barbecues and outdoor outings. Made of stainless steel with a matte black finish, its top mounts sturdily on a balanced stake to hold plates and wine glasses at waist height for spill-free snacking and sipping.

Blush Insulated Wine Tote, $49.99
This insulated wine purse, designed to store your favorite box wine as well as your on-the-go picnic essentials. Simply stash the wine in the bottom compartment, compile your accessories on top and you're ready for the Shakespeare Festival, events or outdoor concerts.

True Bamboo Appetizer Plate, $7.99
Eco-friendly, perfect for hosting gatherings, this appetizer plate is designed with the perfect groove to fit a stemmed wine glass. Sturdily crafted from bamboo with raised edges, the deep center allows for cheeses and charcuterie to be comfortably nestled in the center of the board for a mess-free evening.

Govino 4-pack Glasses, $12.99
Whether hosting a dinner party or picnicking in the park, GOVINO's, shatterproof 16 oz Wine Glass is a must-have for any get-together. Ideal for all wines, as well as any other beverage. Great to take poolside, camping, boating, or anywhere life finds you. Best of all, they are totally shatterproof, reusable and recyclable.