Cinder Fall Releases

Here are the notes on some of the fall releases from Idaho’s Cinder Wines:

2012 Laissez Fare Red Blend, $16.99
Laissez Faire is just what its name implies: a “let it be” wine in terms of winemaking and drinking style. “Beautiful everyday wine for the sophisticated palate, Laissez Faire is medium-bodied, with bright fruit and subtle spice flavors. Higher in acid and lower in tannins, this wine has more in common with its European cousins, which are crafted for the dinner (and lunch!) table.” – Melanie Krause, winemaker

2012 Dry Viognier, $17.99
“The Dry Viognier is a continuation of our love affair with Snake River Valley Viognier. I want to show the depth of character and versatility of this variety in our region, so we make several styles. The dry style showcases fresh fruit flavors with a clean, long finish. Aromas of citrus and peach mingle with honeysuckle flowers. The texture is round in the mouth, with the weight typical of a good Viognier, and the finish has vibrant acidity and clean, fresh fruit flavors. A wonderful wine for summer sipping.” – Melanie Krause

This Viognier is a great match for rich, creamy food and most things from the sea. Because the wine balances a rich texture with clean, lively aromas and acidity, it will counter point-rich food or can be used as a complement to lighter dishes. Goat cheese salads, vichyssoise, crab cakes and risottos are some of our favorite pairings.

2012 Off Dry Viognier, $17.99
Aromas of pineapple and honeydew melon are abundant; the texture is thick and creamy, and the finish has just enough sugar (1 percent) to open this wine up to some amazing pairings without making it overtly sweet. The Off-Dry Viognier pairs wonderfully with rich and fruity dishes. It makes a great starter wine to an evening on the patio. Meat and fish preparations that have fruit components, such as a pork with apricot glaze or salmon with fruit salsas, are some favorites. It can be paired with spicy food and goes particularly well with Asian cuisines.

2011 Cabernet Malbec Merlot, $27.00
“Several vineyard sources add layers of flavor and texture to this blend. You’ll find aromas of dried cherries and vanilla followed by a burst of marionberry in the mouth and a smooth dense texture. Open a bottle and appreciate how the flavors evolve through the evening.” – Melanie Krause, winemaker. Pairs great with a variety of meats and game, salmon and trout. Some favorites are pork loin with raisin compote and slow-braised buffalo short ribs.

2011 Tempranillo, $28.00
Earth and fruit blend easily in this wine with supple tannins and bright, clean acidity on the finish. “Tempranillo has found a perfect second home in the hot, dry vineyards of the Snake River Valley.” – Melanie Krause. Great with gamey meats, savory mushrooms and heavy garlic dishes. Try it with wild rice-stuffed Cornish game hen or wild mushroom risotto.