Back Wall Bargains

Back-to-school expenses taking a toll on your budget? No need to do without wine. Grab a taste of some of our best back-wall bargains.

2012 Alto Real Macabeo, $8.99
Bodegas del Rosariois located in the town of Bullas, 50 miles from the Mediterranean coast. Bullas is located 1,800 feet above sea level in the foothills of the Sistema Ibérico, the southernmost mountain range in Spain. Extremely hot days are tempered by very cool nights, assuring full ripeness while preserving the fresh acidity in the grapes. The result is a Macabeo that is much brighter than is often the case, with vibrant fruit flavors and a crisp, refreshing finish.

2012 Portuga Rosé, $7.99
The Portuga wines are made by Casa Santos Lima, which has been a family business for many generations and was founded in the late 1800s by Joaquim Santos Lima. By the turn of 19th century, they were among the greatest producers and exporters of Portuguese wines.

Joaquim’s granddaughter and great grandson have been leading Casa Santos Lima since 1990, replanting most of the vines and modernizing all its productive structure. This beautiful bargain of a rosé is a blemd of Castelao and Camarate grapes. On the bigger side of the rosé spectrum, the red berry fruit aromas are intense and carry through to the palate, which finishes with a nice freshness.

2012 Portuga White, $7.99
A blend of three grapes you’ve probably never heard of, Arinto, Fermao Pires and Vital, planted on a mix of limestone and clay soil. It’s a lively aromatic wine, with tropical and citrus fruit. The palate has a nice richness that’s balanced by fine acidity that comes through on the long, supple finish. Amazing value.

2011 Cantina di Casteggio Barbera, $9.99
This Italian red comes from the Oltrepo Pavese, the largest wine-producing area in the northwestern region of Lomabardy. It’s filled with juicy blackberry aromas and flavors and makes a great choice for late-summer barbecues.

2011 Notre Dame de Laval, $9.99
From the Côtes du Roussillon in the south of France, a blend of 45 percent Carignan, 30 percent Grenache and 25 percent Syrah. It’s fruity and flesh with velvety tannins and loads of black fruit flavors. A definite no-brainer.