Stephen’s Pick: 2018 Villa des Anges Old Vines Rosé $12.99

I remember this rose’ from last year as being one of the more refreshing and easy to drink Languedoc favorites. This year, it is even better with a firm, mouth-watering freshness that accompanies this 100% Cinsault creation from Vin de Pays d’Oc appellation of the Languedoc-Roussillon. The body is light, but not watery. It has a vibrant freshness with a flavor spectrum that includes red currants, dried-strawberries, and a citrus hint in the bright finish.

Cinsault rose’s can be quite versatile and consequently pair really well with flatbread hors d’oeuvres, salads, and lighter foods. As an aperitif, Villa des Anges Rose’s bright, fresh, elegant, just-dry-enough flavor and acidity stimulates the mouth for more and prepares the rest of your alimentary canal for a delightful ensemble of finger foods, or just more Villa des Anges rose’. You decide and at $12.99, you can make this one of the Spring/Summer 2019 regulars. I already have! Definitely drink now, most rosés are not meant to age; however, they can still be drinkable if left unopened for up to a year or so. This year’s Villa des Anges Rosé is 12.5% alcohol, so kick back outside on your porch or take it to a garden party, how can a rose’ with a name like “Village of Angels” be anything but spectacular?!?