Stephen's Pick: 2016 Mas de Gourgonnier Rosé $18.99

So, I have been writing up a “Rosé Dictionary” which is composed of details regarding all of the rosés we carry—varietal composition, region, alcohol content, tasting notes, etc. Considering this, I was feeling a bit “roséd-out;” however, I came across this beauty from Les Baux de Provence and it rises above all the others! First of all, consider what goes into it: Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cinsault, Mourvedre, & Syrah. I expected it to be a complex rosé and I was right. Its fragrance was like raspberries and oranges at the same time. The flavor was silky and elegant in style: raspberry and tangerine flavors that sparkle with minerality, and then a lingering lavender finish. I can imagine drinking it alongside a seafood stew or an olive and garlic tapenade. Can you believe all that from a rosé? Get some; I certainly did!