Stephen’s Pick: 2016 Hat Ranch Sauvignon Blanc, $15.99

One day in the near future, there will be an article in a wine magazine or maybe even in a national newspaper that reads the following: “World Class Idaho Sauvignon Blanc wins international wine competition.” That’s how much I think the potential for Hat Ranch’s Snake River Valley Sauvignon Blanc is. The aroma is immediately arresting—both citrusy and grassy—along with a wonderful acerbic quality that is all its own. After being impressed with the aroma, the first sip is vivacious and animated—like that first time you try lemonade—however, this is more complex. The lemon/lime notes are wrapped in mango-like tropical fruit swirls, glittering with minerality. The next time you are lucky enough to catch some fresh Idaho trout, grill it outside and have it with a salad, a bottle of Hat Ranch Sauvignon Blanc, and toast your glasses to a major player in the future of great Idaho wines.