Stephen’s Pick: 2016 Daft Pink Brut Rosé, $11.99

Lately, the law of randomness has been assisting me with my monthly wine picks, such as when I dropped a bottle & decided to write it up after becoming intrigued by the aroma and body during clean-up. Split Rail’s Daft Pink Brut Rosé caught my attention by another unplanned event, but this time it was not from my clumsiness. Several days ago, a few customers tasted some of our featured selections during a Friday tasting event and I brought up “Daft Pink.”  My description of this fizzy, pink sensation intrigued the customers so much that I decided to buy a bottle and open it up to allow them to taste it. They were so impressed that all four of them cleaned out our current inventory and I took the rest of the original bottle home. Later that night, when I tried it again, the intense berry-blast of the sparkling strawberry, rhubarb and cherry drenched flavors lured me into finishing the entire bottle. Split Rail states that they use the “method-non-traditional” by deliberately injecting the carbonation, so perhaps that’s why they named it Daft, however, since that experience with the customers, Daft Pink has become so popular that we stacked it, and I’m restocking it twice a day. Daft Pink might not be an elegant Rhône-style or sophisticated Provincal rose like so many of the others, but if you want something fun and tasty and not-so-serious fizz in your mouth (like berry-flavored pop-rocks), punk-out with Daft Pink but be careful, you’ll want more!