Stephen’s Pick: 2014 Vickers Chardonnay, $20

I first tried Vickers Chardonnay in 2003 and I remember being surprised by its round, full-bodied texture, gentle touches of oak and suggestions of fruit & cream in the finish. I told my friends and family about it and we have all been including it in our wine cellars ever since. Since then, Vickers Chardonnay has risen above virtually every other Chardonnay made in this state.  It is my honor to represent his 2014 Chardonnay as this month’s staff pick. I have been informed that Mr. Vickers ferments his Chardonnay grapes almost exclusively in containers made by the prestigious French barrel producer, Francois Freres. New French oak and very strict attention to detail in the crafting of this wine has resulted in a bright, fresh, fruit-forward creation reminiscent of white Burgundy.  Aromas of lychee, peach, and honey-dew melon and a smooth, not overly complex finish that is perfectly appropriate for any time of year. Get some Vickers Chardonnay, pour yourself a generous glass & toast Mr. Vickers for his diligence and care–it is evident!