Stephen’s Pick: 2014 Fujishin Family Cellars Amatino Red Blend, $22.00

There are a lot of red blends in the world of wine, some more famous than others; however, sometimes a mélange comes along with enough uniqueness and distinction to rise above the pack. Fujishin Family’s Amatino just reached the top of my list as one of the most memorable red blends we offer. A combination of 60 percent Syrah, 35 percent Petite Sirah, and 5 percent Viognier, it was created to represent the depth and character of the Snake River Valley Syrahs, which tend toward cherry & spice. Petite Sirah was added to adjust the flavor towards the berry spectrum, and the addition of Viognier finished the wine by enhancing the floral aromas and toning down some of the pepper. The result is a deep, complex, adventure wine that tempts the drinker to delve deeper into the mysteries of its creation by accepting the invitation of its seductive aromas. Let your guard down, and you’ll plunge into a rich, dark, sensuous experience with every mouthful. Adventure abounds with Amatino, because its name comes from a combination of Martin & Teresa’s (Fujishin) World of Warcraft characters. Magic, wizards, battles, adventure, darkness, sensuality, hidden-pleasure, and the aroma of exotic flowers. Do you want to play?