Stephen’s Pick: 2014 Borsao Monte Oton Garnacha (Campo de Borja), $9.99

I did not have a definite pick in mind for June, but this time, the wine picked me. I was moving a large cart packed full of cases of wine, and I accidentally cut a corner too close, barely tapped a stack of wine, and one single bottle of Monte Oton Garnacha fell to the hard concrete floor and cracked-open. The result was an immediate rush of aromas flooding the shop—red fruits, and a little spice. I remembered that this particular wine had a history of selling quite well and I’d always wondered what the mystique was surrounding its popularity. The answer to this question was forming a growing, garnet-colored puddle in the middle of the shop’s floor. I tasted this wine officially the next day and immediately vowed to make it my June write-up! It’s $9.99 price is a modest one for such an excellent and immediately drinkable wine. Garnacha grapes are thin-skinned, making the resulting wine low in tannins and acidity. The result is a lovely, fruit-forward table wine that reminds us why some of the more famous Rhône-style Garnacha (Grenache) based wines such as Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Lirac are so popular.