Stephen’s Pick: 2012 Tridente Rejón Tempranillo, $42.00

What would you do if someone told you that they found a bone-dry, red-wine that tasted like dark-chocolate covered, cordial cherries, and that it was from Castilla y Leon, one of the finest Tempranillo producing regions of Spain, all for less than $50.00? Well, there is a first time for everything! Tempranillo is known for having strong fruit flavors and aromas, and Rejón is up there with the finest I have ever had. It’s full-bodied with great, balanced tannins, and both herbal and fruit qualities on the palate and the nose. Rejón is an ultra-fine quality Tempranillo that I actually tried for the first time over the holidays (thank you, Tastevin!). I got home from work late one night and poured myself a glass and I was immediately taken with the dryness—like a silk tie on the back of my throat. Then, the flavors—the freshest black cherries possible, covered with liquid, dark-chocolate, and a bonus round of fruity, cordial alcohol in the finish—a complete delicacy! I am more than excited to have it on our shelves now, however, there are a limited number of bottles left. I suggest you get on over to the Wine Shop before I buy them all myself!