Marcy’s Pick: NV Terre Dei Buth Frizzante Rosé $14.99

I love bubbles! They can be paired with just about anything and they make every day a celebration. What’s not to love about that? When I find a good bubbles under $20 I’m a happy imbiber. We recently brought in a new brand from Italy that is a great value, quite tasty and, on top of that, certified organic and vegan. This Frizzante Rosé is a blend of Glera, the grape used to make prosecco, and Raboso, an indigenous red grape of the Venetian region. Together this blend makes for a sparkling wine showing bright red berries and citrus balanced with nice minerality and acidity. Frizzante means it is a wine that is lightly sparkling compared to sparkling wines such as Champagne and Cremant.

These gentle bubbles make for an easy drinking and refreshing wine that would pair nicely with most summer fare including summer salads, seafood or a cheese plate. Salute!