Kopke Ten Year Tawny Port, $32.00

Winter activities: Witnessing snow fall from warm spaces. Jig saw puzzles. Silly movies you've seen more than twice already. Seed catalogs. Partners Gin. What goes perfectly well with all these and any other winter sports available? Why Tawny Port of course. Nothing warms more on a winter night than fortified Portuguese Wine. Kopke's Ten Year Tawny Port is my Winter Solstice sustenance. This tipple's perfectly smooth balance between residual sugar and alcohol fortification lets you chew on its big fig flavors and roasted walnut nuances while the snow swirls outside your windows. And it gets better. Tawny ports, like Kopke's, age in barrels exposed to oxygen. That oxygen mellows, concentrates, and stabilizes the port's flavors. Open a bottle of this tawny today, save it in your liquor cabinet, and it will warm and please you tomorrow, next week, next month, and as the tulips bloom and the golf courses re-open. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow—you'll stay warm all through the winter, one sip at a time.