Kathy’s Pick: 2017 Pascal Jolivet Sancere Rosé, $22.00

One of my favorite rosés year after year and the 2017 vintage does not disappoint. One hundred percent Pinot Noir from France’s Loire Valley, it is pale salmon pink in color with a subtle nose of fresh berries. On the palate the wine is delicate and elegant with layers of herb, strawberry and a clean, crisp finish. The Jolivet family has been in the wine business since 1926, but it was another 60 years before a good friend of Pascal (then in Champagne sales) convinced him to set up his own wine brand under his own name. Pascal soon established himself as a talented winemaker, opting for a natural style using indigenous yeast. He built a winery in the Champanois style with which he was so familiar. Today, he owns some 340 acres of vineyard farmed organically using biodynamic techniques.

“Crafting a wine is a great outlet to become creative, a kind of art that asks us to listen to mother nature to better perceive and understand her messages. Magic happens while grapes are transformed into juice, then into wine and gives back to the terroir its nobility.” –Pascal Jolivet