Genny’s Pick: Kopke 10 Year Tawny, $31.00

This month, my last in the wine shop, I’m celebrating with a ten year old tawny port. Hand harvested at their optimum moment, the grapes are de-stemmed, crushed, and converted into wine through careful maceration. This is enhanced by constant churning during fermentation to extract their color, tannins and aromas. The process takes place in vats (lagares) at a controlled temperature, until the right degree of sweetness (baumé) is achieved. At this point brandy is added, to create the final fortified wine. The 10 Year Tawny is made by blending wines of different harvests, each having aged in oak casks for varied periods of time. The average age of all the wines in the blend define the age on the label. This honey colored port has a fine nose of toasted almonds with butterscotch and honey. The deep flavors have a mouth filling richness, smooth, unctuous and very tasty. I liked it for the textural pleasure and pure nutty flavor that led to a persistent after taste. Enjoy with appetizers like strong cheeses and paté, or it would be a wonderful choice to serve with delicious caramel brownies, chocolate desserts, or pistachios.