David’s Pick: 2015 Etienne Courtois Quartz VDP Sologne, $30.00

The first thing I like about this wine is the low alcohol content (11.1 percent abv). The second thing I like is the light and lovely aromas of floral rose petal and orange blossom with a hint of spice. The third thing is the bright palate with its lively citrus and apple flavors, along with some hazelnut and saline touches of mineral. That it is also a “natural” wine will peak the interest of some. That it is such a well-made, impeccably balanced natural wine impresses me more. The wine is 100 percent Sauvignon Blanc, farmed biodynamically by father and son Claude and Etienne Coutois (though they do not consider themselves biodynamic growers).

No chemicals ever come into the vineyard, the grapes are hand harvested and fermented by indigenous yeasts—this is natural winemaking at its best where the purity of the grape and the terroir shine through unencumbered by additives or technological manipulation. A truly outstanding white wine.