David’s Pick: 2014 Gilbert Chon Domaine de la Jousselinier Chardonnay, $14.99

As you would expect from their location, this Loire property is best known for their Muscadet wines made from the Melon de Bourgogne grape grown primarily in that region. But the Chon brothers, who own the estate, have family roots in Burgundy dating back to the 17th Century, so it’s not so surprising that they offer this Chardonnay as well. The wine itself is something of a surprise, fresh and light with floral ripe apple aromas. The supple palate offers soft citrus and stone fruit flavors with a subtle hint of black walnut that makes you think Chenin Blanc (another Loire variety) rather than Chardonnay. That said, it’s a very appealing style, intriguingly different, well priced and with a nice hit of acidity on the finish that works well when paired with food. It’s a nice plus that they farm their 150 acres of vineyard organically.