Cru Beaujolais: The Best Buy in Burgundy

Because of the prevalence of Beaujolais Nouveau a lot of people never realize that premier Cru Beaujolais even exists. This is a shame because these wines are in another league that clearly outshines the easy fruit bomb that is Beaujolais Nouveaux. These wines often do not even have the word Beaujolais on the label, instead they are named for the “Cru” or village they come from. There are ten official Cru's : Morgon, Moulin-A-Vent, Julienas, Regnie, St. Amour, Chenas, Brouilly, Cote de Brouilly, Chiroubles and Fleurie.

Like most wines of France the vintage has an effect on the overall quality of the wines each year. I mention this because 2013 is one of my favorite recent vintages producing wines full of rich full bodied loganberry-like  fruit and good length and acidity. The 2014's are just starting to arrive, and while they will be fun to drink young, they are not as complex as the 2013 vintage AND we still have a few 2013's left in the shop. If you have not had the pleasure you should jump on these while you still can.

  • 13 Thivin Cote De Brouilly    $25.00    89 WA
  • 13 Foillard Morgon Cote Du Py    $33.00    92 WA
  • 13 Stephane Aviron Fleurie VV    $20.00    90 WRO
  • 13 Aviron Morgon Cote Du Py    $18.99    89 WS
  • 13 Rochette Morgon Cote Du Py    $18.99    89 WS
  • 13 Aviron Moulin A Vent VV    $20.00    90 DIV
  • 13 Descombes Morgon VV    $30.00    88+ WA
  • 13 Liger-Bel Moulin Vent Roche    $34.00    90 WA
  • 13 Liger Bel Moulin A Vent VV    $28.00    91 WA
  • 13 Labruyere Moulin a Vent VV Coeur    $29.00    90 DIV