Bruce’s Pick: 2018 AIX Rosé $16.99

I know.....Everybody’s doing it! Rosé wines are now coming from every corner of the wine making world, and seemingly from every red grape varietal imaginable. For some it is to feed a fad or just take advantage of a quick buck with a cash crop. Some of them may eventually get it right.

But for me, the go-to for my seasonal rosé drinking will always be Provence, the bulls-eye or epicenter for delicious rosé. No fad here--they have been perfecting the art of making delectable rosé for generations, for as long as impressionist painters have been drinking in that famous Mediterranean sun.

This AIX wine comes from one of the largest and oldest (130 years) estates in the Appellation. Set on a high plateau of 420 meters, the location is ideal for warm days and cool nights, with mistral winds to dry the vines on dewy mornings. Composed of grenache, syrah and cinsault, the light lustrous pink color presages the delicate floral, spicy flavors to come. It is dry and delicate, but persistent on the palate. It is a rosé that emphatically speaks of tradition and culture....of a culture that knows what they are doing. For these reasons Provence rosés will always be my quintessential rosé.