Bruce’s Pick: 2016 Maris Rosé de Nymphe Émue, $16.99

It’s August now and it has been a brutal summer. So I asked myself, why has it been so long since I’ve written about rosé? After all, that is about all I’ve been drinking for the past couple of months. So here is Maris, a winery whose many products we have championed ever since we discovered it several months ago. We love the conscientious back-story of this winery: certified organic by Ecocert, Certified Demeter Biodynamic (the most stringent sustainable farming recognition), the winery itself is biodegradable, energy self-sufficient and has a negative carbon footprint. Even the bottles are recycled glass and the labels recycled paper. With all of those incredible eco-friendly credentials, my co-worker Bob swears that if you drink this wine, you will shave off half your time in Purgatory.

Me, I just like to drink the wine. One hundred percent Grenache Noir, the strawberry and orange zest notes on the nose are subtle but persistent and also make an impression on the palate, with fresh minerality keeping the refrain lively through the finish. This dry, berry-inflected rosé is perfect with a wide array of summer fare, and is definitely a cut or two above the casual quaffers. Come to think about it, it is comforting to know that this is a healthy byproduct of people who really do care about our planet!