Bruce’s Pick: 2015 Remoissenet Pere & Fils Bourgogne Rouge, $28.00

You can take the boy out of Burgundy, but you can’t take the Burgundy out of the boy. That’s right, I recently returned from my almost annual trip to Burgundy, and much to my delight found several new 2015 Burgundies (both red and white) had arrived in the store while I was gone. Since I had been there during the 2015 harvest, I knew how absolutely ideal the weather was that year. There had been some vineyards, mainly in the south, that suffered the ravages of hail earlier in the summer, but I witnessed the grapes being brought in throughout the harvest under trouble-free sunshine. Fast forward to my return home this year. No, I was not tired of tasting Burgundy, so I was compelled to try some of our new arrivals. The one that caught my eye and my interest first was this Remoissenet Bourgogne. I knew this was a vintage, like the high tide, that raises all boats. As often in such rare vintages, it is the lower tier wines that benefit the most. This wine proved that adage with its beautiful ruby hues and explosive nose of perfectly ripe red fruits, but it was on the palate where the biggest impression was made. The plush, round fruit caressed with a softness and purity that seemed weightless, but immensely flavorful at the same time. I was happy to see the promise I had anticipated, as I watched the perfect grapes being plucked from some of my favorite vines anywhere, fulfilled.