Bruce’s Pick: 2015 Gerard Raphet Bourgogne, Les Grands Champs, $27

Gerard Raphet, based in the village of Morey Saint Denis in the heart of Burgundy, has been a staff and customer favorite for many years. He is said to be a farmer first, but he happens to farm some very well-located plots in some of Burgundy’s greatest Grand Cru vineyards. He is a man of few words and he doesn’t really care what wine writers and wine critics have to say. He only cares about making his wines in a style that he likes to drink. The good news, it’s a style we like to drink too. His entry level Bourgogne shows his heart and passion every bit as much as his lofty Grand Crus. It’s a wine that we buy and sell in quantity every year, but this year (2015) is special. It is a fabulous year for red Burgundy and this is the best rendition of this wine that I have ever tasted. Raphet’s wines are always “pretty” but this is also more serious: crystalline red berry fruit on the hauntingly pure palate, but with a subtle sense of the soil. This could be nothing other than Burgundy. I’ve got my half case, so don’t hesitate. This vintage will disappear fast!