Bruce’s Pick: 2012 Chateau Saint Julian “Alter Ego” $12.99

I picked this wine from our selection of lower priced Bordeaux simply because I enjoy this category, and I think that we should be selling even more than we do. This Bordeaux Supérieur sports a typical cépage of 60 percent Merlot and 20 percent each Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. The nose was quiet and subtle of faint plumb and berry notes. What struck me on first taste was, well not a lot, but in a good way! By that I mean no hard edges, no angular components, no heavy, over-the-top fruit or high alcohol burn, just everything in its proper place and balance. On the palate each sip glides effortlessly, with elegance and grace, leading to a silky, virtually weightless finish. This is not meant to be a top tier Bordeaux with layers of complexity (and with a price to match). It is however, a wine that doesn’t tax your intellect or your budget, while providing simple pleasure.