Bruce’s Pick: 2012 Chateau Argadens Bordeaux Superieur, $15.99

Well as delicious as the 2015 Pierre Guillemot Bourgogne rouge is, I WAS tempted, but I just couldn’t write up another 2015 Bourgogne as my wine pick. (See what I did there.) I had a good reason for switching gears to Bordeaux: we finally got a long awaited staff pick back in stock in time for the Holidays. To sweeten the deal, we are now selling the 2012 vintage, which is even better than the 2011 that sold at least 25 cases—and for the same price! This “Bordeaux Superieur” (comprised of approximately two thirds Merlot and one third Cabernet Sauvignon) is elegant with a supple balance, yet dense enough to give it the necessary structure, and finally the hallmark refinement and lengthy finish; in short, everything and more that I look for in a Bordeaux at this price point. Founded in the 13th century and now owned and managed by the highly regarded Maison Sichel, this fine wine is modest enough to drink casually, but certainly special enough to dress up your Holiday table. A top value!