Bob’s Pick: 2018 Ned Marlborough New Zealand Pinot Rosé $11.99

Though Rose’ time never really went away, it is really upon us now. Already we have about fifty Rose’s to choose from and more coming every week. How to choose, how to choose? Well when it comes to Rose’s I go by color. The darker the pink, the more time the juice has spent with the grape skins, and the more fruit expression it will present. The lighter the wine, the crisper, the brighter the wine will be. Rose’s of Pinot Noir however seem to hit on both ends; cripsness and bright fruits; that’s why they’re my favorite. Now we’ve got a great one from New Zealand too. The Ned has it all, tongue tingling crisp acidity on the front end (really, how can anything have a front/end?) and delicate raspberries and watermelon rind in the middle and finish. Perfect for pool-side, patio, pontoon boat and Palm Springs. And the real screamer is that it’s $11.99 Gotta love N Zed!