Bob’s Pick: 2015 Truchard Carneros Zinfandel, 2015 $25.00

Like most of us I’ve kind of forgotten about Zinfandels.  America’s grape, America’s wine, it went the way Merlot did a while back.  Because it was the favorite of hippie winemakers in the sixties and seventies (remember when wineries were owned by people who weren’t lawyers or dentists?), Zinfandels were the romantic favorite from California.  But like Merlot, demand created overproduction and sloppier wines—then of course demand dwindled to white Zinfandels.  

But I want to like Zins again.  I want to be a romantic hippie again.  Fortunately, there are still some die-hard Zinfandel producers making wonderful wines.  I picked this one because it is from a family producer using their own (Truchard) vineyard fruit.  Good call.  Dark, brooding, brambly fruit up front that finishes with delicate strawberry and blueberry hints. Great notes of sixties- era brown leather backpack and, though by no means an alcohol bomb at 14.5%, it does carry just an edge of that Zin/alcohol sweetness. Though they never truly went away, ZINS ARE BACK!