2015 Laya, Almansa, $9.99

A blend of 70 percent Garnacha Tentorera and 30 percent Monastrell—Garnacha Tintorera (the French call it Alicante Bouche) is one of the few wine grapes that actually has red juice! Most all other red wine grape juice is clear (even your favorite muscular Cabernet Sauvignon). Most all red wines get their dark color from contact with their grape skins. Of course this wine also spends some time with its kith and kin grape skins but, because it’s red already, it doesn’t have to spend extended periods with them. The result is a full bodied red wine, but softer and gentler. Red grape skins are also high in tannins that can be bitter till they resolve themselves in the wine. This takes aging, sometimes extended aging. On the palate, notes of ripe red and black fruit stand out, along with floral hints and a spicy nuance.  Bonus points, the Laya is a back wall bargain. Yes, only $9.99 (and never any payments on Sunday!).