Bob’s Pick: 2015 Joseph Drouhin, Macon-Village, $15.99

First off, this wine is Chardonnay. Most of Europe recognizes wine by the region of origin (rather than by grape variety) and the primary white wine grape of the Macon in Burgundy is Chardonnay. (Sometimes it is just that simple!) Second, Chardonnay is one of the most malleable grapes made into wine. What that means is that whatever you do to it as a winemaker, whatever additions or manipulations you put it through, they will have a profound effect on the wine. This is why, when Chardonnay is fermented and/or aged in new French oak barrels, you’ll recognize that woody, spicy, sweet note that wasn’t part of the grape to begin with. This Chardonnay from Joseph Drouhin doesn’t get the California over-oaked treatment. Fermented in stainless steel and glass lined cement tanks, then aged in stainless steel, the wine presents that wonderful quality of Chardonnay, the ability to be both crisp and round at the same time. The delicate lemon acidity up front that softens to green apple and white flowers, doesn’t overpower the wine’s delicate limestone minerality. This is a wonderful, and wonderfully affordable example of what Chardonnay, under minimal manipulation, tastes like. Great with cheeses, seafood, even tomato based seafood pastas. Plus, it makes a great patio cocktail.