Bob’s Pick: 2014 Vidigal Reserva Vinho Tinto, 3L, $22

Yes the size of this wine container is three liters (that’s four bottles)!  IT’S A BOXED WINE! Oh get over yourself; remember when everyone held their noses at screw caps? Truth be told it is actually wine in a bag and the bag is in the box. It is actually the best way to enjoy wine that has been opened already. It is O2, after all, that turns wine into vinegar, so the air in any unfinished bottle will have a detrimental effect on your wine. Wine in a bag in a box however doesn’t get O2ed. As the wine goes out, the bag shrinks.  Zero oxygen! Boxed wines are great for camping, river rafting, picnics, and even just hanging out in the kitchen filling up the random glass. Boxed wines also have gone from, “Not too bad?” to, “This is really good.”  This one is really good. Hailing from Portugal, the Lisboa Region (in coastal, central Portugal), this blend of 70 percent Aragones (aka Tempernillo), 20 percent Syrah, and 10 percent Cabernet Sauvignon is a bit of a lighter style red, perfect for these hotter days. The Aragonez shows  itself with cherry and cedar notes, the Syrah and Cab bring the weight up a bit and flesh out this wine with darker fruits and baking spice flavors. No oak, either in fermentation or aging. This is not a wine you have to think about. This is not a wine to ponder whether to pair it with porcinis or portabellas. This is a wine for the summer patio and anything off the BBQ! And you really have to work at it to empty a three liter box. Remember though it’s always good to have goals.