Bob’s Pick: 2013 Quinta dos Roques Vinho Tinto, $15.99

For the people who insist that Old World Wines are too earthy, dusty and without fruit, this is the wine for you. For the people who insist that all New World Wines are fruit bombs with no character, this is the wine for you! Yes, this Portuguese blend is a balance of both the Old and the New World. Pronounced aromas of red leather and August dust give way to bright cherry fruit and rhubarb acidity. The finish again takes us back to the home country with garden shovel minerality. Great price, too! Portugal is what I call an emerging market. Not a whole lot of people are familiar with how great these wines are; so the supply and demand side is more weighted on the supply side, ergo, lower prices. Enjoy this great 'bridge' wine with medium cheeses, Jamon and meat sauces.