Bob’s Pick: 2011 Château d'Or et de Gueules, La Bolida, Sale $27.19 (regularly $32.00)

There's always a bit (sometimes a bit much) romanticism swirling around wine, but honestly, we here like it. It makes a pleasant glass even more so—not just drinking a wine but drinking a story, and a good story at that. The other side of that coin is that, unfortunately, selling wine is a business. As such, sometimes wines, even wines with good stories, that hang around in our shop way past release are clogging up space for new and fun stuff. When the La Bolida first came into our shop and we all tried it, the concensus was that this wine was big-big and good-good, but would need a bit of bottle age to mellow into itself. Ninety percent Mourvèdre, ten percent Syrah from a certified organic vineyard in Nimes, this great wine parked itself in our shop and waited. We got impatient; marked the price down. This month I re-discovered it. Boy howdy, all that shelf time did it good! Impressive deep, deep color, rich with red and black fruits, a mid-palate of briar and cigar box, and a long finish. Truly well worth the wait, and silly us, it's on sale!