Barry’s Pick: 2014 La Segreta Freghino Rosso, $18.99

Located in Umbria in the heart of Tuscany, in a town called Collazzone that is situated above the Tiber River Valley, La Segreta is focused on making wines from indigenous varieties and making them in a way that respects the local flora and fauna. All vines are pruned by hand, all grapes are picked by hand and all wines are spontaneously fermented with natural yeasts. Freghino is a proprietary name which translates to “Teenage Scoundrel.” It’s a blend of 92 percent Sangiovese, 4 percent Colorino and 4 percent Malvasia Nera, all of which are certified organic. After alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel, the juice spends six months in French oak and another six months in stainless steel. The resulting wine emits aromas of black cherry, sun-baked earth and thyme. On the palate I sense sour cherry, clove, chocolate and dried orange peel. With gravelly tannins, medium body and pronounced acidity all in great balance with the fruit, I feel like this wine is a great value. The patience the winery displays during fermentation and elevage really comes through in the finished product. Fabulous!