Banter by Translations, $34.00, 1.5 l.

This is one of the newest Translations label entries from Idaho’s Coiled Wines. Leslie Preston (proprietor and winemaker) has teamed up with mixologist Brian Livesay to create an intriguing drink. It’s a blend of wine with other natural flavors. The base is Leslie’s 2014 Dry Ries-ling, and the botanicals include blackberry, ginger, sage and orange bitters. It pours the color of pink grapefruit, a hint of which comes through on the nose, combining with citrus zest, spice and subtle maraschino cherry. The fla-vors are a tangy mix of bright citrus, savory herb and spice, with a lightly bitter finish that reminds me of Cam-pari. Makes for a great aperitif on its own, but it would be fun to experiment with it as a base for, or an ingredient in, a cocktail. Like the Translation Red, it’s packaged in a 1.5 liter pouch that once opened, stays fresh for four or more weeks, but I bet you’ll drink it all long before that.