2014/15 Savary Chablis, $22.00

The first thing that I would recommend when experiencing white Burgundy is to let go of any preconceptions you have regarding Chardonnay. Whether it is a well-oaked choice from California or a crisp, full-bodied, varietal from the Pacific Northwest—French Chablis is absolutely its own, uniquely special form of Chardonnay, and the Savary’s addition to the white Burgundy legacy represents some of the finest qualities of this highly regarded wine. Francine & Olivier Savary’s vineyard is in Maligny, a village just north of the town of Chablis. The Savary’s vines grow in a clay-limestone soil generously strewn with fossilized oyster shells. The result is a fine, true Chablis replete with glittering minerality and a soft, gentle mouth that seductively betrays Chablis’s reputation for austerity. The 2014 vintage is considered to be one of the better years for this wine and when I first tried it, I immediately contacted my family and friends and informed them that I was in love! I have not been this enthusiastic about a wine for many years now, and my enthusiasm for Savary Chablis has not dwindled in the least. Sadly, we sold through our allocation of 2014, but our supplier and many other wine appreciators have said that the 2015 version is even gentler, with a soft, round, voluptuous body. Both Olivier and his wife Francine’s families have Chablis winemaking in their veins and ancestral lineage. This Chablis is a tribute to the Savary’s and all of Olivier’s years of study at the Dijon wine school. Today, Francine and Olivier are joined by their sons, Maxime and Mathieu, whose ambition and young energy ensure a bright future for this domaine, and countless future love affairs between wine enthusiasts and this luminous and alluring version of a French classic.