Aubry Brut Premier Cru NV Champagne, $34.95 sale price

It always amazes me how much Champagne and sparkling wine we sell throughout the Holidays. It is a festive season, and of course we take pride in having the largest selection of sparkling wines in Idaho. My pick to celebrate the season is the Aubry Brut Champagne. It is an elegant, racy example of a true "grower Champagne" (i.e. using estate owned vineyard grapes rather than purchased fruit). There is a fine mousse of lively bubbles and just enough fresh baked brioche complexity to give it that inimitable Champagne signature. And then there is the price....our special quantity purchase allows us to offer this at significant savings over the regular $45 price point. Closing the price gap between this and other non-Champagne sparklers makes it an easy splurge for me, and it still qualifies for all our regular quantity discounts. Happy Holidays .