2012 Le Bolle Gavi Frizzante, $14.99

I grew up on the north coast of California where December means one thing: fresh crab! Whether or not you're a fan of seafood, this unoaked, frizzy Cortese from Italy's Piedmont region offers a zesty, refreshing alternative to the more traditional winter route of hearty reds. The nose is sweet and reminiscent of limeade, but the palate is incredibly dry. It lives up to its "frizzante" name, but the bubbles aren't over-the-top. It's very acidic up front, but the finish is subtle as the bubbles drift off. This wine is a great choice for people who like Prosecco but want something with more tang and dryness. Low alcohol levels make this an excellent apertif, but I also recommend pairing it with seafood. Happy crab season!