2009 Willi Schaefer, Graacher Domprobst Riesling Spätlese, $34.00

This time of year when I'm not quite ready to embrace inversion season, I go back to white wines with flavourizing harmonies and a hefty presence on the palate. This Mosel Spatelese from a minuscule four hectare (10 acre) plot has also taught me not to be so self righteous about sweeter wines. Like most I started out in high school drinking sweet wines. When I became an adult (?) I gave up my childish ways and my palate learned to appreciate big reds, more subtle reds, and wonderfully complicated whites; kind of in that order. Now I find myself, again embracing my childish ways and truly enjoying this Spatlese (literally "late harvest"). Of course the sweetness is balanced by bracing acidity, that's Riesling's way, but the bit of residual sugar also brings out the beauty of its fruit components. Lime is the most apparent, but it is accompanied by subtle notes of orange and tangerine. For me the minerality is more like peach pit and the finish is both mysterious and romantic, it reminds me of fall leaves on a wet day.