2011 Corino Dolcetto, $14.99

First thing's first: I highly recommend you decant the “youknow-what” out of this wine, and by "you-know-what" I mean CO2. My first sip was after the bottle sat, open, on the counter for two hours. There wasn't much of a nose, and the body was meh. But after shaking the bottle, pouring
wine between glasses, and literally whipping it up to the point of frothing, this Dolcetto showed great complexity. It presents a deep ruby, purple color in the glass. The nose is filled with blackberries and fresh leaves. Fruit-forward on the palate, the tannins arrive midway through, and
are followed by a long, acidic finish. I typically consider Dolcettos as nice pizza wines, but there is so much going on here, you can enjoy it with a steak, but you don't have to. It drinks nicely on its own. Delicious!