NV Avinyò Cava Rosat Reserva, $21.00

I knew I was going to enjoy this bottle of pink bubbles, but I didn't know I was going to love, love, LOVE it. Can I say new favorite too much?  Generally, I take home wine with a game plan of enjoying it with dinner, be it making a fish and salad supper, or throwing steaks on the grill. That particular evening, however, I simply wanted to go home, set up some bubbly, a movie, and popcorn for two.  Upon coming home from work, my better half slightly mocked me for my usual gravitation toward pink bubbles (paired with the couch and Netflix, in my defense). Let's just say he took it back as soon as he had a sip.  The color was beautiful, pure ripe red cherry in the glass. What was particularly stunning for me was the perfect balance between lush fruit and a soft mineral acidity. On the spectrum of rosé bubbles, starting with the extremely fruity and ending with lean, austere sparklers, this hit perfectly in the middle.  Again, I loved it, and all occasions call for bubbles, right?