2013 Gobelsburger Cistercien Rosé, $15.99

Seems like everyone’s writing about rosés. I get it—it's summer, it's starting to become the norm, but hold on a second.  This particular rosé is one of the most impressive and unique wines I've tried in a while.  Zwiegelt is the predominant red grape grown in Austria, producing a wonderful and versatile table wine. Zwiegelt rosé, on the other hand, shows how a wine from a well-known red grape variety can drastically differ from red to pink. This wine blew me away. The color was flat out gorgeous, the nose a perfect balance of light red fruit and bright lemon, with a splash of honeydew. The acidity was beautifully bracing, with a wonderful compliment of barely detectable effervescence. We paired it with chicken version of a traditional Austrian Schnitzel, pounded out and breaded with light seasoning. If you want to try it, go for it now, because last time I checked, we only had a few cases left. Don't miss out.