2013 Alois Lageder Pinot Bianco, $14.99

When it comes to Italian whites, the most common variety that comes to mind is Pinot Grigio. I wanted to mix it up a bit, so I went for a Pinot Bianco, which, like Pinot Grigio, is a mutant clone of Pinot Noir, but not nearly as well known. Pinot Biancos tend to veer towards the more mineral driven side of whites, with firm acidity, while still maintaining fresh fruit flavors of nectarine, peach and melon. This particular bottle was paired with a salmon dish lightly dusted with Rub With Love Salmonseasoning (available in the grocery store, next to the Meat Department, $6.99 and AWESOME). The light notes of soft white peach went perfectly with the kick of the spices. Try it with your next Italian dinner (or lunch). Cheers!