2010 Chateau Cadillac Bordeaux Superieur, $20.00

Summer is of course the time for rosés, patio whites, and gin and tonics; but it’s also definitely the time for red meat on the grill. Meat on the grill means red wine in a tumbler! This right bank Bordeaux works for me. Reds from the right bank generally have more Merlot in the blend; more Merlot usually means the wine will be softer and easier to enjoy a bit younger. This blend of 70 percent Merlot and 30 percent Cabernet, from the Fronsac Appellation, is produced by one of the oldest Chateaux in Bordeaux, (founded in 1280). It is soft with notes of strawberries and ripe cherries. The structure is built around bright acidity, and that acidity carries well the hints of rosemary, herbs, earth and #2 pencil lead, (along with those fruits), without being overly extracted and wintry. Bordeaux, it's what's for dinner.