2014 Henri Boillot Bourgogne Blanc, $29.00 & Bourgogne Rouge, $26.00

For November, I’m picking two wines from an old friend. We first sold wines from Henri Boillot about 15 years ago through Robert Kacher Selections. I visited this producer several times and I was always impressed with the high quality and his utterly immaculate cellar. He was the first producer in Burgundy to have custom made barrels in a larger size for his Bourgogne Blanc so he could get a more balanced oak influence, and more subtlety overall. We lost our contact for Boillot five or six years ago, but he is back with two excellent wines. His 2014 Bourgogne Rouge is all bright red fruit Pinot Noir with a purity you do not always see in this appellation. It will improve for one to four years in the bottle. The 2014 Bourgogne Blanc is even better. One hundred percent Chardonnay with a depth of flavor you would expect from a more seri-ous appellation. A powerhouse of a wine. Both of these got "Top Value" ratings from Burghound. Only four cases of each available.