2014 Domaine de Majas Côtes Catalanes Rouge & Blanc, $14.99

This month I am going out of my usual bounds with two terrific wines that sell for less than $15 a bottle. I first became aware of these wines by reading some reviews of past vintages. They sounded too good to be true, so I ordered in a few cases of each of the new 2014 vintage, just to try them out. I opened them in the shop to share with the crew and we were all brought to smiles as we tasted these beauties.

The red is a blend of Grenache and Carignan and is full of bright, fresh raspberry and red cherry fruit, with super fine acidity and no tannins. There is just a hint of CO2 to keep this lively on the tongue, and it is so full of fruit you could give it a slight chill on a hot day. A terrific little red for near term enjoyment.

The white is a blend of Macabeu, Rolle and Carignan Blanc. It shows a pretty mild floral nose, and melon and lime on the palate with just a hint of mint and, like the red, fine acidity, making it clean on the finish. Another beauty.