2014 Chateau Maris, La Touge, $14.99

Chateau Maris is something of a revolution in the very conservative Languedoc. Owner Robert Eden has led the charge in favor of farming vineyards biodynamically. It’s a technique that goes beyond organic, embracing the idea that everything is connected, and how you treat the soil, the plants, the in-sects, the animals and the grapes you pick, they all have an impact on the quality of the harvest. The Syrah and Grenache grapes for this wine are grown on a mix of hard and soft limestone and alluvial soils, hand picked, then aged in large oak vats. Like all Chateau Maris wines, it is bottled unrefined and unfiltered and is thus suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It’s a delicious, fruit forward red. You get cherry, pepper and a hint of tobacco, with spicy notes on the finish, along with a sweetness that doesn’t linger.