2013 Turley Howell Mountain Zinfandel, Dragon Vineyard $50.00

Every now and then ya gotta take a hit for the team. Generally I'm not a big big Zinfandel drinker, but here at the Co-op we get in and sell a lot of wines from Turley Winery in California. Most all of them are big Zins, so, for the sake of education and experimentation, my wine pick this month is their Dragon Vineyard Zin-fandel. We have a number of vineyard specific Turley Zins. I picked this one at random. It is a big red, the kind of wine that put California Zinfandel on the map, with full on expressions of cocoa, reduced raspberries, briar, and cheroot smoke, backed by a fine line of flint miner-ality. I was a bit put off by the high alcohol, at 15.3% it's over the top for my palate, so I gave it a slight chill (cheap trick, I put a chill sleeve around it) and that brought it all into balance. Now I understand their reputation; tis well deserved.