2013 Remoissenet Bourgogne Blanc, $24 Special case price — $244.80

When Bill Elbring with North Berkeley Imports was here in June I drank some excellent wines with him from a pro-ducer called Remoissenet. The wines were terrific but you have not seen them in the shop because they are a bit on the spendy side. Well in August I tried a bottle of 2013 Bourgogne Blanc from this producer that I figured would run $30 to $40 and it was a delicious—rich full throttle Bourgogne Blanc that I really liked and I swung a deal with Bill so we can sell it for $24 a bottle or $244.80 a case. Since then I’ve had a couple more bottles and remain impressed. Loads of rich fruit and not too subtle oak with a good dose of clean citrus acidity on the finish. It is a bigger wine than our popular Matrot, more like Boyer-Martenot or maybe Morey. Don't miss this one if you like good Chardonnay.