2013 Maurice Ecard Bourgogne Rouge, $18.99

I'm always on the lookout for inexpensive Pinot Noir—especially the elegant lighter versions from Burgundy, so when something like this Ecard comes along at $18.99, I'm quick to pounce on it. Definitely in the lighter register body-wise, and firmly in the red fruit end of the color and flavor spectrum, I like the way this elegant Pinot plays on the palate. The overall impression is of a wine that I can only describe as "pretty", which reflects the nature of the vintage based on early accounts and tastings of wine critics. It's a vintage that doesn't require a long slumber in the cellar, but rather, a near term place on your table. The lively acidity and delicate red fruit of this Ecard bottling cry out for food—how about a nice roast chicken or grilled salmon? Fans of super ripe, over extracted, dark cherry fruit bomb Pinots need not apply.