2013 Jean Foillard Morgon, Côte du Py, $33.00

I bought the first bottle of this producer’s 2015 Nouveau Beaujolais (one of only 18 we received) and it was a revelation. Easily the most intriguing Nouveau I have ever tasted. My wife, who is not a fan of Nouveau, groaned when I opened it. But with her first sip, she was stunned, asking, “This is Nouveau? It can’t be. It’s amazing.” Truer words never spoken. None of the typical banana or bubble gum flavors. Instead, tons of fresh dark berry fruit, a simple but lively finish. Foillard should teach a class on how to make Nouveau Beaujolais. I wanted to write it up as my pick, but we sold out before I could score a second bottle. So I stepped it up a notch and decided to see what Foillard could do with a cru Beaujolais. No surprise, this 2013 Morgon is mind-blowingly good. The heady aromas are a rich mix of boysenberry, plum, anise and leather. Dark berry fruit flavors caress the palate with cherry liqueur and smooth tannins on the finish. Delicious now, but it should evolve beautifully over the next three to five years.