2013 Domaine des Corbillieres Sauvignon, $14.99 Special Case Price, $149.95

Dead of winter and I want white wine. Go figure. My pick this month is a terrific best buy.  As with any well-made Sauvignon Blanc, this is a wine that is very food specific, and that food is shellfish. Clams, oysters or shrimp on the grill, this is your friend. Unlike those New Zealand SBs that are akin to a glass of grapefruit juice, this wine has aromas of fresh basil, eucalyptus and gooseberry with a hint of lime. The flavors are classic Sauvignon Blanc, and the minerality in the mid-palate works well with the food—a fresh snap with each sip. The Wine Advocate calls this one of the consistently finest, not to mention best value Sauvignon Blancs on the planet. I agree.